Risk management services

Risk management services

  • The Pschology of Procrastination in the Workplace

    If you are a workplace manager, you'll know how hard it can be to manage a worker who tends to procrastinate. In order to supervise them effectively it can be useful to have an idea of the underlying psychology of a procrastinator. The siren call of desirable distraction Procrastinators tend to have low levels of self-regulation so they often struggle to avoid the temptation for desirable distraction. In terms of the workplace this can mean workers who find it tempting to switch onto social media rather than working on necessary projects.

  • Why You Should Get a Building & Pest Inspection for Your Home

    A building and pest inspection is an important process that seeks to unearth the state of your property. Such an inspection evaluates the safety and rate of wear on your house structures. An inspector will check everything from your exterior roofing and walling to the subfloors and plumbing. A pest inspection is also carried out to determine if you have any infestation that could be affecting your house structure. So why should you get this inspection done?

  • When Should You Use The Services Of An Immigration Attorney?

    When moving to a new country, there are immigration laws that you will need to follow in order to avoid fines, possible deportation, and even jail time in extreme cases. This shouldn't frighten you away from making a move for whatever reason, but it is good to consider using the services of an immigration attorney when you've decided on doing more than just a bit of vacationing abroad. Note a few situations when it may be good to consult with such an attorney and how they can help your situation.

  • Does Your Child Need To See A Psychologist?

    Having children can be one of the most wonderful experiences of one's life, but with children also come many trials. In addition to the various medical problems that most children have, such as measles or chicken pox, some children also have psychological issues. These issues often develop very early in life, and children with these issues often benefit by getting help from psychologists. Read on to learn more about various psychological disorders in children and their symptoms.

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    Risk management services

    Risk management is my field of expertise. People think it's boring but I actually think it's massively interesting. Analysing the risks of different industries takes time and requires you to dig far beneath the surfaces of an organisation's day-to-day activities, into the underlying issues that they work in and advise on. Sometimes the simplest, most immediate businesses, have long term risks that they have never considered. I help people stay in business and stay sustainable. I am constantly working on educating myself to stay relevant as a risk management consultant and keep abreast of changes and developments in the industry.