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A Guide On The Prospective Marriage Visa In Australia

Alma Fuller

People that wish to marry Australian citizens can visit the country on a prospective marriage visa (subclass 300). The permit allows you to visit the country for nine months. Read the excerpt below to learn more about the prospective marriage visa and how you can apply for one.  

Who Qualifies For The Prospective Marriage Visa? 

The prospective marriage visa is strictly granted to people that wish to marry Australian citizens. As such, you must be engaged to an Australian citizen. You may also be required to provide a letter from a celebrant indicating the day of your marriage. Further, you must provide evidence showing that you and your spouse have met. It includes people with arranged marriages or those who have met over the internet. The immigration department will conduct some due diligence to determine whether your relationship is genuine. For instance, they may interview close friends or check whether you have joint assets. Applicants must be 18 years or above.

Applicants must meet the county's character and health requirements. You do not qualify for the visa if you are a member of a criminal or terrorist group. Typically, you should produce a police clearance certificate to prove that you do not have a criminal record. People with infectious diseases such as COVID-19 or tuberculosis could have their application rejected. You cannot apply for the permit is you have had a visa cancellation in the past.  

What Can You Do With The Visa? 

The visa allows you to stay, visit and leave the country before its expiration. You are also entitled to work and study in Australia. There are no restrictions on where to hold the wedding. However, the marriage must be legal in Australia. The permit also allows you to bring eligible family members into the country.

The visa cannot be extended. If you do not marry within nine months, you have to get back to your home country. If you hold the wedding before nine months, apply for a partner visa (subclass 801 or 820) that allows you to extend your stay in the country. You are free to apply to Australian citizenship. 

Visa processing could take up to 18 months. As such, you must be patient. Alternatively, you could apply for a visitor visa as you await for the prospective marriage visa. Increase your chances of visa approval by hiring an experienced and licenced immigration agent to help you apply for the visa. The agent will ensure that you submit the right documents. Besides, they will help you lodge an appeal if the immigration department revokes your application. 


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