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Risk management services

Why You Should Get a Building & Pest Inspection for Your Home

Alma Fuller

A building and pest inspection is an important process that seeks to unearth the state of your property. Such an inspection evaluates the safety and rate of wear on your house structures. An inspector will check everything from your exterior roofing and walling to the subfloors and plumbing.

A pest inspection is also carried out to determine if you have any infestation that could be affecting your house structure. So why should you get this inspection done? Read on to find out.

Periodic property maintenance

Without an inspection being carried out, you might never find out the extent of wear or damage taking place under the exterior. That is why it's good to sanction a building and pest inspection so as to fully understand what areas of your house you may need to pay greater attention to.

For example, if the inspection unearths the existence of termites, you will have ample time to get a treatment service and abate the infestation. Likewise, if the inspection shows that you have a settling floor, you will undertake the right maintenance repairs. An inspection is therefore vital to ensure you maintain a safe home through the years.

To determine property value

Another good reason to get a building and pest inspection is to help you better evaluate the value of your home. While this inspection does not produce a monetary assessment like a valuation report, the findings can help guide you in determining if the property has gone up in value or vice versa.

If the inspection shows negative findings on pest and structural damage, the value of the property will be affected while a positive report will retain or increase the valuation of a property. This is why it's important to get a building and pest inspection when buying or selling a property.

Construction and home improvement planning

Another reason why you should seek this inspection is if you plan on undertaking construction work that may affect the state of the property. This includes processes such as renovations or the building of extensions. If your home is damaged due to pests or wear, an inspection can help shine light on how best to carry out structural work without causing damage.

If the house has a weak roof, for example, an inspection can tip you to take extra caution when handling that area. Doing so can help you avoid costly damage.

To get a building and pest inspection, look for a licensed inspector in your area or under the local authority listings.


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