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Risk management services

When Should You Use The Services Of An Immigration Attorney?

Alma Fuller

When moving to a new country, there are immigration laws that you will need to follow in order to avoid fines, possible deportation, and even jail time in extreme cases. This shouldn't frighten you away from making a move for whatever reason, but it is good to consider using the services of an immigration attorney when you've decided on doing more than just a bit of vacationing abroad. Note a few situations when it may be good to consult with such an attorney and how they can help your situation.

1. When you have family that wants to move to a foreign country

The rules and laws about a family moving to a foreign country with you will be different in each country, and it may be more challenging than you assume. This too shouldn't frighten you, as families often have more rights afforded to them when it comes to immigrating than individuals with no relatives in another country. If you're wondering about which family members can join you in another country and how to go about moving over parents, grandparents, and other extended family members, it's best to consult with an immigration attorney rather than assuming anything about how those laws work.

2. When you want to marry someone in a foreign country

The laws about marrying someone in a foreign country and obtaining a visa through this arrangement will also vary from country to country, and it's important to remember that most countries have laws in place so that you don't commit fraud through this arrangement. For example, if you ask for a prospective marriage visa to marry someone you've only known a few days or weeks, it may get turned down.

On the other hand, persons who want to marry do have certain rights when it comes to bringing their spouse into the country with them and obtaining a visa. Rather than guessing as to how the laws might work in your case, speak with an immigration attorney ahead of time so you know what to expect and can ensure your rights are protected.

3. If you've been denied a visa

If you've been denied a visa for any reason, you want to speak with an immigration attorney. In some cases it may simply have been a matter of not filing your paperwork properly, or not applying for the correct type of visa for your situation. You may also need to better understand the laws about how long you can be in a country and under what situation, and this can help you to make adjustments to your plans so that your visa gets approved. An immigration attorney can help you with all these scenarios.


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